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Current Exhibition

Pia Myrvold / Hybrid Love

After making her debut as a painter in 1980, Norwegian-born artist Pia MYrvoLD soon moved in an interdisciplinary direction as she incorporated emerging technologies and unexplored media into her artworks. MYrvoLD developed a unique discourse creating new hybrids from architecture, design, fine art, technology, fashion, digital art, contemporary dance and music. The themes of MYrvoLD’s pieces reflect her depiction of contemporary reality and urban life as well as how humans deal with emotions and technological advances. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the world including Centre Pompidou in 2005, and again in 2014-2015 and the Center of Architecture, New York in 2006. Other highlights include a solo show at Venice Biennale in 2011 and a group show in the summer of 2014 at Pace Gallery Beijing. She is the founder and curator of the exhibition series The Metamorphoses of the Virtual, dedicated to new media art, and has showed in Venice Biennale 2013 and K11 Art Foundation, 2014.  


In March this year, she presented her digital art strategies of the last 25 years at the New York Times Art for Tomorrow Conference alongside artists Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic. MYrvoLD here with The New York Times Vice President Achilles Tsaltas in her immersive STARGATE sculpture in Doha, Qatar, Art for Tomorrow exhibition.

Coloss Island Shield

This series is a work started in 2014, in preparartion for the video wall projection series Metamorphoses of the Virtual at Shanghai K11 Art Foundation. MYrvoLD created an animated CubeWave form, where cubes load into a trail that became the basis for a monochromatic series of loops to create a video painting. 

The series evolved on to many surfaces such as C-print paintings, digital editions and sculptures in 2014- 2015. The new images from this series will be seen on the  Cybercouture coats and Body Theory dresses that will be included in the Pia MYrvoLD ARCHIVE Collection.

The title Coloss Island Shields, represent virtual and real constructs from biology and science to architecture and history. They are a reference to how societies are built and what will be the next phase



Coloss (ref: New Colossus) is about virtual structures, such as constitutions. Island ( ref: Hoellebeq The Possibility of an Island) is about synthetic worlds, and psychographics. The images suggest a kind of magical shaping in 3D, almost like alchemy, a place between 3D printing reality, bio mass production, and oversized urban centers (like Beijing.) 



The Modulars

Nine different signature art carpets designed by Pia MYrvoLD available to order for a limited edition run of only eight per style, in four different sizes. The rugs are made of 100% New Zealand wool and are produced by the Swedish company Triwest. The carpet designs began as a collaboration between MYrvoLD and Snøhetta, the architects behind the new SFMOMA. In the spirit of Scandinavian design tradition, the carpets can fit together as modules or function as stand-alone pieces. Renderings of the nine options will be printed and framed during the exhibition, functioning as a catalog for ordering. This will be the first time they are available in the United States.

About B.A.D. Space

Inspired by the power and beauty of union, Breanna Alexander de Geere’s initials form the foundation of a new creative venture. The mission of B.A.D. Space Gallery is to utilize collaboration to bring a global vision of culture, design, fashion and art together on a local level.

The gallery will be permanently located in a reclaimed fire station in the Dogpatch neighborhood in Fall 2017.